Upgrade from Dell Latitude E7470 to Dell XPS P56F002

  • New Looks, Sharp
  • The 15inch screen vs 14 with small edge makes it look like you have a 17inch in front of you.
  • Thunderbolt:
    • you got to buy this Startec:TB3DKM2HD Docking Station:
      plugin network, 2x hdmi, 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB2.0.
    • In contrast to other Startech docking station that run over USB-C(1 hdmi only) or dell docking station based on usb-c. usb-c is bad, thunderbolt is good). If you buy one over thunderbolt it will support 2x hdmi, so you can connect your standing desk screens.
    • Debian 10: F*** Amazing …wow what a difference . No wonder our people in Information Technology IT Department(s) are using Debian 10 as a default Operating System on daily basis.
  • Lets get our bad boy setup:
    • open terminal
    • tasksel (Select Gnome,Laptop,Print, (if you are developer then web server too)
    • Desktop Done!
    • Lets move our stuff from old laptop:
    • Whats my new computer IP:
      ip address (not that sudo ifconfig is no longer installed by default)
      looks like 3rd network card: ens1 has an address of xx.xx.xx.xx
    • What is my old computer ip address:
  • Lets move it
    • sudo apt-get install rsync
    • (if you have not added yourself to sudo do it now,
    • su root
    • adduser lucas sudo;
    • loggoff and log back in.
    • rsync -aAXv –exclude=/lost+found –exclude=/root/trash/* –exclude=/var/tmp/* –exclude=/home/* /mnt/src/* /mnt/dest
    • rsync -aAXv –exclude=/tmp –exclude=/mySuperOldFolder/* ssh://lucas@yy.yy.yy.yy/home/lucas/projects /home/lucas/
    • rsync -aAXv –exclude=/tmp –exclude=/mySuperOldFolder/* -e ssh lucas@yy.yy.yy.yy:/home/lucas/projects /home/lucas/

Lets get to work!

Let’s try the octane score, compare before and after: https://chromium.github.io/octane/