vinlib is a Vehicle Identification Number Package that allows you to verify and decode parts of the vin number.

Currently it can:

  1. vinlib.check_vin will return whether the entered vin number is authentic/correct.
  2. Vin('somevinhere') will return object that has vehicle year and vin check true/false flag.

Install vinlib


You can install vinlib from PyPi:

easy_install vinlib
pip install vinlib


Using vinlib

In python code you can check if the vin is valid:

import vinlib
print vinlib.check_vin(myvinnumber)

This will return true or false depending if the vin number is correct or not.

In python code you can decode vin's year:

import vinlib
print vinlib.Vin('1ZVIHaveAVinNumber17').year

Additional Examples:

import vinlib
#get year from a vin
print vinlib.Vin('1ZVIHaveAVinNumber17').year
#check if vin is valid.
print vinlib.Vin('1ZVIHaveAVinNumber17').check


vinlib team. Visit us on github:

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