Open Office Tools is a set of program that allows you to easly connect to OpenOffice via Python Uno module. It provides interface to starting Open office for you, stoping it, and connecting. Other conversion tools like ods2csv, or xls2csv are being included as soon as you send me a link to them.

Installing ootools

You install ootools via you system package manger or via easy_install:

easy_install ootools

Starting OpenOffice

Start openoffice via this set of commands:

import ootools

Connecting to OpenOffice

To connect to open office you just issue a connect statement:

import ootools
#Do something with the "Desktop" aka OpenOffice main document module.

Stopping OpenOffice

You stop OpenOffice via a stop statement:



  • We are waiting for people to send us patches or links to tools like ods2csv, xls2csv, etc...

For the latest changes see the readme file.


You can use the following commands to see if openoffice is running:

ps -ea | grep soffice
netstat -atpen | grep soffice

Enjoy. Also Download at

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