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Pyramid Setup

aptitude install python-virtualenv

virtualenv --no-site-packages pyramid_env
cd pyramid_env
source ./bin/activate
easy_install pyramid

Pyramid Project: myapp

pcreate -s alchemy myapp

Install remaining components

cd myapp
python setup.py develop

[Optional] Checking the first version into revision control of your choosing.

aptitude install bzr
cd myapp
bzr init .
bzr add
bzr commit -m"Initial Import"

Run a test

python setup.py test -q

Check how much code is covered by tests

easy_install nose coverage
nosetests --cover-package=myapp --cover-erase --with-coverage

Populate the database

Replace myapp with your app name.

initialize_myapp_db development.ini

Start the Application

pserve development.ini --reload

Visit http://localhost:6543/

Write your application

Enable Mako

In order to use Mako as in Pylons, you must specify a template search path in the settings. Edit development.ini:

mako.directories = myapp:templates

enable mako with pyramid enable mako html with pyramid

Then in \init\.py add below. This will be needed so that designer can use .html mako template files in his software.

config = Configurator(settings=settings)
config.add_renderer(".html", "pyramid.mako_templating.renderer_factory")

Add first page

We will add new route in. This what tells pyramid program we want localhost/recall

vi __init__.py
#Add below home

Add below home

config.add_route('recall', '/recall')

Edit views.py and add our new page. This tells that anybody that calls localhost/recall should call our route_name called recall in views.py

@view_config(route_name='recall', renderer='recall.html')
def recall(request):
    return {'project':'Myapp'}

Now inside template folder add your new template

cd template
vi recall.html


     <title>${project} Application</title>
      <h1 class="title">Welcome to <code>${project}</code>, an
       application generated by the <a
      >pyramid</a> web application framework using Mako.</h1>

Visit: http://localhost:6543/recall


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