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Just in case somebody finds this ticket, I wanted to let everybody know that trac is perfect as document management system that concentrates on tasks. Its perfect for high volume fax incoming and processing. At my company I've used it with a great success for past 3 years. 661,124 documents/tickets have been processed. The key features that we needed:
- Being able to assign tickets and transfer them between people
- Being able to view attachments easly, write comments, and index.
- Being able to create your own "type" aka "milestone : incoming, other, changes, cancellations, renewals
- Being able to load and create tickets automatically via xml-rpc, or by sending an email.
- Being able to add your own custom fields "tracking number"
- Being able to setup a search on main page by using the query to build multiple links tracking #, "my tickets","incoming tickets" , new, not assigned change tickets.
- Begin able to batch assign tickets to an individual. BatchModify 0.4.0
- Being able to move tickets to another trac to a different department TicketMoverPlugin 0.1.1
- We average ~600 incoming tickets a day. 

If you think of your problems as "tasks" then trac is the best thing you can use.


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