Lukasz(Lucas‭) ‬Szybalski
Chicago IL.‭ ‬60630‭


B.S.,‭ ‬Mathematics and Computer Science,‭ ‬University of Illinois at Chicago,‭ ‬May‭ ‬2006, 2001‭– ‬2006
B.A.,‭ ‬Economics,‭ ‬University of Illinois at Chicago,‭ ‬May‭ ‬2006, 2001‭– ‬2006‭

Fields Of Specialization

Computer Programming and Computer Systems
Data Analysis and Conversions
Econometrics, and Business Rules Programming.

Technical and Analytical Summery

Technical and Analytical Summery:
Operating Systems:,‭ ‬UNIX,‭ ‬Linux,‭ ‬MS-Windows,‭ ‬Netware
System Programming:‭ ‬C,‭ ‬C++,‭ ‬Python,‭ ‬Some Java,‭ ‬Clarion
Data Formats/Software Tools:‭ ‬MySQL,‭ ‬CSV,‭ ‬XTML,‭ ‬XML,‭ ‬TXT,‭ ‬CSS,‭ ‬SQL,‭ ‬PHP,‭ ‬Apache,‭ ‬etc.
Business Programming:‭ ‬Python,‭ ‬R‭ (‬S+‭)‬,C/C++,‭ ‬Clarion,‭ ‬B34S,SPSS,SAS,etc.
Analytical Skills:‭ ‬OLS,‭ ‬AR,MA,ARMA,ARIMA,‭ ‬GLS,‭ ‬Time Series Analysis,‭ ‬Excel/Access conversions,‭ ‬etc.

Technical Programs

Technical Programs:
-Insurance Website Quote System‭ (‬Python‭)‬.‭ ‬Website that collects information about drivers,‭ ‬cars,‭ ‬coverage choices and based on underwriting rules gives out a quote to a user.‭
-‭ ‬Insurance Claims Management System‭ (‬Clarion‭)‬.‭ ‬Build Claims management system based upon interviews with management and through analysis of the business process.‭
-Spamalot.‭ (‬Python‭) ‬Artificial intelligence email program which initiate,‭ ‬receives,‭ ‬analysis,‭ ‬and responds with certain individuals via email.‭
-Universal Information Crawler.‭ (‬Python‭) ‬Program that collects,‭ ‬saves,‭ ‬and analyzes web site links.‭ ‬Calculates page rank and builds a simplified but fast search engine page ranking system.‭ (‬GPL‭) ‬
-Automotive Recall Database:‭ ‬Using Illinois recall database to display automotive recalls by year,make,model.‭ ‬Using python scripting pages‭ ‬,‭ ‬mysql,‭ ‬and python to transform data from zipped file to web based content.‭ ‬‭

Analytical Programs

Analytical Programs:
-Convert one storage format of a insurance policy into sql based format.‭
-Traffic analyzer.‭ (‬R‭) ‬Program that predicts accident on the Chicago Interstate highways.‭ ‬Cleans the sample from outliers,‭ ‬assign the features of the data,‭ ‬make a decision tree of probable event happening.‭ ‬Sorts‭ ‬13,000‭ ‬data points in all directions into the per direction per highway data.
-Seasonality Analysis:‭ ‬Predicting the effects of seasonality of housing market on demand and supply in real estate sales.‭ ‬Data sample of‭ ‬130,000‭ ‬data points consists of Chicago housing market between‭ ‬1990‭ ‬and‭ ‬2000.
-Cost containment:‭ ‬Using OLS model to analyze growth strategies,‭ ‬predict personal consumption,‭ ‬and short-term interstate rates in US market.‭

Business Skills

Business Skills
-Insurance Business System Analysis.‭ ‬Gather and analyze business process,‭ ‬create technical requirements,‭ ‬meet with all levels of management/user groups,‭ ‬provide scalability and technical knowledge.‭
-Real Estate Analysis.‭ ‬Building investment,‭ ‬calculating net operating income and best alternatives for investing money,‭ ‬using rental floor area,‭ ‬usable area,‭ ‬current cost of investment and future prediction on a sale and total revenue.
-Automotive Analysis.‭ ‬Working with team of three to create features and using them create performance matrix which will predict an under or an overvalue in a product.

Positions Held

01/2007-‭ ‬present‭         ‬Business Application Programmer‭; ‬Web Designer,‭
Developing,‭ ‬analyzing and fulfilling business requirements.‭ ‬Provide user management,‭ ‬security,‭ ‬reporting,‭ ‬sql base,‭ ‬multi state support capabilities within the software.‭ ‬Other responsibilities include implementing fax servers,‭ ‬building dynamic website,‭ ‬online policy applications conversions,‭ ‬meeting states requirements.

01/2006-‭ ‬01/2007‭         ‬Management Information Systems Consultant,‭
Managing entire MIS department‭ (‬client-server‭) ‬of Windows/Novell/Linux with‭ ‬100+‭ ‬Windows clients.‭ ‬Design client-server database tracking system of Fox pro and web based application.‭ ‬Developing various online and system programs using‭  ‬PYTHON,‭ ‬PHP,‭ ‬SQL,‭ ‬HTML.‭

05/2005-‭ ‬05/2006‭         ‬Programmer,‭ ‬Artificial Intelligence Lab,‭ ‬University of Illinois at Chicago
Writing a python program called Spamalot.‭
“Spamalot:‭ ‬Toolkit for consuming spammers‭' ‬Resources‭”‬,‭ ‬Third Conference on Email and Anti-Spam,‭ ‬CEAS July‭ ‬2006‭ ‬‭

05/2005-‭ ‬01/2006‭        ‬Webmaster,‭ ‬Chicago Internet Project,‭ ‬UIC
Maintaining and improving functionality of HTML and CGI website.
Building a relational database in MySQL.

01/2005-‭ ‬01/2006‭        ‬Volunteer Webmaster,‭ ‬Association for Computing Machinery at UIC
Created a New Web page written in PHP.‭
Lead a team of four to implement:‭ ‬CSS,‭ ‬Subscription,‭ ‬Calendar,‭ ‬RSS,‭ ‬Webmail.

Python Language Experience

  1. Online Insurance Quote System.‭ ‬Build with Turbogears with the following components:‭ ‬Form Widgets,‭ ‬MySQL,‭ ‬SQLAlchemy.‭ ‬This was a data entry system in which users would enter information into the forms.‭ ‬Forms would get validated and sent to a database.‭ ‬At a final step a series of calculations would be performed based on the underwriting rules and at a final point premium would be displayed.‭
  2. Spamalot.‭ ‬Artificial intelligence email program which initiate,‭ ‬receives,‭ ‬analysis,‭ ‬and responds to certain individuals via email.‭ ‬This program would listen for an email to be delivered to its mailbox.‭ ‬Upon it delivery it would parse it,‭ ‬save its parts to a database,‭ ‬and replied to the email withing few hours with a reply.‭
  3. Universal Information Crawler.‭ ‬Program that collects,‭ ‬saves,‭ ‬and analyzes web site links.‭ ‬Calculates page rank and builds a simplified but fast search engine page ranking system.‭ (‬GPL‭) ‬ UICrawler goes out to the internet and collects the first page.‭ ‬Upon reading the page it will follow all the links it finds on the website.‭ ‬It will collect these pages,‭ ‬analyze the links and collect subsequent pages.
  4. Automotive Recall Database.‭ ‬I have used Automotive recall database from the National Highway Safety Administration to display automotive recalls by year,make,model on a website‭ (‬60MB of data‭)‬.‭ ‬Using Turbogears,‭ ‬mysql,‭ ‬and python to transform data from zipped file to web based content.‭ ‬<‭>‬ Initially used mod_python,‭ ‬then converted the app into TurboGears.

  5. Vehicle Information Number Checker.‭ ‬I wrote a simple Vehicle information number checker which checks the check digit in a vin number,‭ ‬as defined by the vehicle information number standard.‭ ‬<‭> 1.Highway data analysis:‭ ‬I have used python to convert Highway sensor data to a format that would be read by‭ “‬R‭” ‬statistical program.‭ ‬At the point data was converted to a format I needed the R program would analysis the traffic patterns based on density,‭ ‬time,‭ ‬mass at which point it would try to predict the accident sites.‭

  6. Data conversion.‭ ‬I have written few python programs that convert various csv files to a common format.‭ ‬ I have used these programs to merge two different databases with few common columns.‭ ‬It also been used to do small data quality improvements by scanning for similar rows and removing the duplicates.‭ ‬Some other conversion include:‭ ‬csv to mysql,‭ ‬tps to mysql,‭ ‬csv to tps,‭ ‬db2‭ ‬to csv,‭ ‬csv to db2,‭ ‬etc



  1. I have managed servers in on various operating systems. I have experience with Novell, Windows: 98,2000, 2003; Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, some fedora core and RedHat, SuSE.

  2. I have configured fax hardware. I have replaced 5 separate fax machines and substituted it with one fax server. It enabled browsing of all faxes online, having a log of incoming faxes and where they came from. It allowed people to fax from their pc. Around 500 incoming faxes a day, and 50 outgoing.

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