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apt-get install kernel-tree-2.6.8

if you want to use Debian-provided kernel, of course (the above one is heavily patched and generally known to work). Of course, you can try another kernel as you like.

apt-get install kernel-package

This is the nearest tool to genkernel,(in gentoo)

cd /usr/src
tar -xvjf kernel-source-2.6.8.tar.bz2

Then the symlink:

cd /usr/src
rm -f linux
ln -s kernel-source-2.6.8 linux

make menuconfig

cd /usr/src/linux
fakeroot make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.01 kernel_image

As you can see, there is a --revision option. You can also use the --append-to-revision option (like: --append-to-revision=20050504). But use only dots! Hyphens ('-' characters) are parsed by Debian installation tools so don't fool them!

* The above will produce a Debian package, which can be installed alongside Debian-provided kernel, without any conflicts. After compilation, you should find a package ready to install in /usr/src:

cd /usr/src
ls *.deb


dpkg -i kernel-image-2.6.8-i586_custom.1.01_i386.deb

What's interesting, lilo/grub configuration will be automatically updated to reflect the fact that a new kernel has been installed.

Recommended reading: * Preliminary Sarge Installation Manual, 8.5. Compiling a New Kernel * Creating custom kernels with Debian's kernel-package system * This document original content

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